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hempasan yang memulas ~… (~_~)

My life is getting tougher…

Meniti hidup dari hari ke hari tanpa perlu memikirkan apa-apa masalah adalah perkara yang paling menggembirakan bagi seorang aku yang bernama manusia… bangun pagi,dah boleh senyum sebab tahu duit dah banyak untuk bekal sampai mati,penyakit takdak,rumah besar,ada plak laki hensem,dapat anak-anak comel & pandai~…hmmmm…tu namanya mimpi di tengah hari!! huh~…bolehkah ia  dianggap definisi bahagia dalam hidup?Mungkin itu bahagia pada orang,tapi pada aku tak semestinya begitu~ 🙂 …. malangnya, aku percaya… tiada sesiapa pun dalam dunia ni,yang hidup tanpa masalah…  even,orang gila pun ada masalah… pelik kan? masalahnya dia gila la~…hehehe~…

Kini sudah hampir ke penghujung bulan April…target aku untuk habiskan thesis aku by the end of this year,hopefully~…but,struggling is a must if we want to achieve something… struggling to finish my thesis is  driving me

Ganbatte minna san~...

Ganbatte minna san~...

crazy… only just to think of it already makes me stress to death…!! At the same time,to look at my dear friends beside me struggling and trying their best to achieve their dreams, sometimes put some kind of pressure on me… plus,it it frustrating to watch a couple of them still combating to enter this school… so~ many obstacles come across them only just to enter this school…to watch them almost giving up is really choking me up~… i can say that,i myself almost giving up… 😦 astghfirullah~….may Allah be the one Who always motivate me all the time… well,maybe that kind of feeling come across me becoz for me, my friends here inspire me a lot and they give me motivation only by looking at them as a comrade… it feels like we are one comrade,ready to battle in a war~… but this is life… we don’t know when our comrade will become enemy and we might not expect at any time  our enemy will become our comrade~… but one thing really makes me scared, when we didn’t know the people that we love is our comrade or our enemy…:-)

would i be alone and give up?

would i be alone and give up?

Arrrghh~…I’m so devastated!! I wish i have such a strong mind and be optimistic enough to perceive and accept this life no matter how tough life can be… i really wish i can help to change the world, but even I myself don’t have such strengths… Oh,Allah… please let me be a thankful servant and perceive this life as the way it is… and for my friends, i wish them to achieve of whatever they dream of… although it feels kind of sad to watch them choose their own path, i always pray for their success… may we be comrades till the end of this life’s battle~… (^_^)

p/s: my dear sister remind me something about this life…Laa tahzan innallaha ma’ana~…

“Sometimes,Allah break our spirit to save our soul

He break our heart to make us whole

He sends us pain so we can be stronger,He sends us failure so we can be humble

He sends us illness so we can take care ourselves

Sometimes,Allah takes everything away from us,so we can learn the value of everything….”


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