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My days~….(@_@)

3 April 2009

It was 2.45 in the evening… Prof and Dr were eagerly asked us to meet them in conference room since this meeting was so~ crucial that they needed us so~ badly to finish up the proposal… the meeting goes on until nearly 5.00 p.m. Then me,Miss H and Miss A decided to stay back to finish all the work… it was 7.40 when we finished editing the proposal, but unluckily we didn’t send directly to Prof since all of us were really tired… after solah Maghrib, me and Miss H headed back to our home… I arrived home at 9 o’clock~…. what a day!!

Kyaaah~...so~ tired!!

Kyaaah~...so~ tired but yet sugoku tanoshikatta~!!

4 April 2009

I was so~ sick!!! I barely can stand up… I throw out everything that goes in my stomach…. I never experienced something like this for  a very long time… maybe I’m too stressed! I wonder~….

7 April 2009

Me and my friends had a cluster research meeting for the day at PELANTAR, at 3.00 p.m. We arrived there almost 2.30 but wandering around the building almost 15 minutes because we couldn’t find the meeting room!! (~_~) Luckily there was a lady kindly tell us where the room was located… thank God! The meeting was held to form a cluster for our research… but, frankly said… it was not so~ encouraging since out of 20 people that were invited,only about 10 showed up… it was kind of frustrating because what i learn since i was here,people hate to change… maybe they forgot, even Allah said in the Holy book, only you can change yourself~…. however, this actually gives us motivation to move forward… well,if they wanted it that way~,let them be with their “hate-to-change” life….

10 April 2009

Masters meeting? I was badly wipe out by my supervisors~…. arrghhh~…. i felt so~ terrible!! I hate it~…. 😦 Sarah,don’t give up please~… gambare miseru yo~….!!

p/s: Success is a ladder you cannot climb with your hands in your pockets…


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