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Do not force yourself~….

What you give,you’ll get back~….

Well…some people believe when you do good deeds to others, good things will come to you…then,i guess that the same things will workย  the other way around?Hmm..maybe…w ho knows?(^_^)

In Islam,the believers are encouraged to do good deeds and good things to others regardless of their religions,races and of course their colours… why? for the sake of Allah, The Almighty… He had given so~ many things to us in our lives, as our gratitude, we must obey what He told us to…and leave what He forbid…

It was just recently when i realized that, i always trying so~ hard to please others… i mean, i always wanted to make



people around me feel happy.. especially those who are really close to me, my family and my friends, of course…. Frankly to say, i just can’t stand to see them look so~ sad and miserable… what i notice that, I’ll try my best to keep them feel calm, comfortable and most importantly, happy~… when i was around them… but, unfortunately it seems that the other way around usually happened!

I felt like, the more i tried to please them, then the more they’ll get sad or hurt… it was really torturing to watch someone that you care to feel that way… especially when you were intent to make them happy…it’s tearing up my heart…:-( if i failed to bring a smile on their face, i always blame myself… what kind of friend or a sister or a daughter am i? I’ll ask the same question again and again every time i saw them with a sad face… their eyes just can’t lie to me as they were hurt inside….

Don’t force yourself to please people that you can’t… i guess i have to listen to this advice… all i wanted to do is to see everybody that important and special to me being happy… especially my mom and dad… i wish i’m a good daughter… i’ll try to change myself… to become a better daughter, a good sister, a reliable friend , a better person and an obey slave to my God… insyaAllah~… ameen… ๐Ÿ™‚

p/s: maybe someday I’ll get married, i would like to become a loving and caring wife and a respectful mother,to my husband and children~… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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