Lately,I always get sick…maybe it is kifarah for me… for keep neglecting my responsibilities as a muslim, for having too much fun~… i think that is why i keep getting sick~….(~_~)

27 May

I was sick for the whole day… i didn’t feel very well the night before,then that day i kept throwing out things that i ate… it was so~ miserable and torturing for me to feel this way… my head was so~ in pain, really hurt… it feels like it’s gonna explode!! i can barely touched my head since it was really hurt…aaahhh~, i really hope i didn’t have to feel the same pain again~… na’uzubillah~… 😦 huhu~…

Today i still feel a bit dizzy…(@_@)…

I wish i have a healthy body….alhamdulillah~… I’m thankful enough for what Allah has given me~…

p/s: “This world is full of beauty, as other worlds above, and if we did our duty, it might be as full of love”. Gerald Massey


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One response to “kifarah…?

  1. =)...Gambate na~

    Oh Bulan..kau menemani aku lagi..=).. aja2 na~

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