those memories~…

Life is so~ unpredictable….

I still remember when I was in secondary school…I was 14 years-old at that time and only get to know that this world is actually very tough to deal with… a year before i still remember,there is one boy that i really admired… the way he looks,acts, and talks… frankly,everything and anything  that he did,I’ll keep my eyes on him… the funny thing is, there was one time, i felt that that i couldn’t control the way i feel towards him anymore, my heart felt like it’s going to explode everytime i looked at him,so i decided that i wanted to confess my feelings towards him… hahaha~… i think that is the foolest and dumbiest thing i ever done in my life… 😉 however, i didn’t regret i told him how i felt towards him.. although he just kept quiet and never really admit he hate it or like it, i’m so thankful because what happened back then really taught me a lot of things…

Come to think of it…it is so~ funny why i behaved that way and why i was so crazy about him… yet i knew at the same time he got no idea how that feeling was killing me inside… when i think about it, i feel so~ stupid to behave that way just because i like him…eventhough if in that time he also like me, can i guarantee he’ll act the same way as i am? now i feel vey stupid~…aaaahh~..wish it never happen… (~_~)

However…now, i’m positively sure that i’m happier, and more pleasant with my life,alhamdulillah… i’m surrounded with my family, my friends… and one person that i put in a special place in my heart~…(^_^) that person is my best friend….

What happened in the past,left to be memories…the most important is what happen now~…

Thank you…for allowing yourselves to be in my life’s chapters… I love you all~….

p/s: grateful and thankful to have been where i have been~….



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2 responses to “those memories~…

  1. hukhuk..


  2. jillebi

    What happened in the past,left to be memories…the most important is what happen now~…

    very true, sara…….

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