Oh,happy day~…?

Monday,this week…

Yattaa~….Today is so~ usual like everyday…I was doing stuff like my normal routine during working days… for this moment, me and my team need to come out with a proposal to establish a center and should be submitted to our supervisor by this week! Kyaaahh~….(@_@)mytable

Hmmm….what a work!

Well…its not what i’m going to babble around here…hehe~…

Its about a unique experience and it  is very rare in Malaysia  and you can see a moment like this once in a blue moon… (^^,)

Haha~….i wonder how he can bare with the heat of the sun~…he must like the sun very much, huh?(^_^)


Lalalalaa~…wish can b happy like he did…(^^,)

This pix was taken on our way home… I was driving and Miss H took the picture…. Both of experienced so many things since we’re using the bridge almost everyday since last year…

Well…the happy things that i can enjoy when I’m using the bridge… I can see the beautiful secenery of blue ocean,the golden-looking sky when it is sunrise,and i learn a lot from different kind of human attitudes…which make me think…

Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up…


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