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Wet…wet lemon tea~ on my lap!

Friday afternoon,last week…

We agreed to go out this afternoon since last farewell party for Kak Y, it happenned that my officemate was not around because she had an accident… yup!the one who was hit by a motorcycle…hehe~…thank God,she’s ok now..ngeeee… (^^,)

But still,all of us couldn’t make it to gather all members of the office to have lunch together since Kak Y couldn’t be reached and Miss A got something more important to do…too bad,huh?

So…there were me,Miss H,Miss N,Miss Y and Mrs C….(^_^) yosh~!

Last time we had lunch at PakHussin Restaurant in Sg.Ara,and we spent RM50.00 for a set of small dishes for 5…so this time..we’ve decided to give a try at Bangkok Restaurant in Bayan Lepas…sounds like we’re trying to benchmark these two,huh?Yup…I can say that,we were actually do~ comparing these two! Haha~…that’s what people do in their lives,isn’t it? We like to compare here and there and at the end, come out with our own conclusion~…huh? Kyaaah~….(@_@)

We arrived at Bangkok nearly 1’o clock in the afternoon…there was not so many customers at this time since it was Friday,Muslims’ men went out for Friday prayer…makan2

Oh dear….Miss Y was so happy she can eat here…(T_T)

we took place in the middle of the restaurant,and the menu arrived… This time, it was quite easy to choose the menu since all of us were in the middle of hunger state!All we can see at that time were:

—-> a big fat fish fried with 3 diff tastes (Ikan 3 Rasa)

—->tomyam campur

—->Kailan goreng ikan masin

—->sotong goreng tepung

—->telur dadarmakan3

then,add on with 3 glasses of ice lemon tea,an ice tea and an ice coffee…

As we waited,I feel bad of letting Miss N all by herself since no one sit in front of her,so i invited her to sit next to me…

The dishes arrived after 10 minutes of waiting…as we passed around the dish,well… Hmm,let’s put it this way…my friend here,Miss N… purposelessly spilled down her ice lemon tea on my lap…kyaaah~…..!!It was so~ cold and wet,for sure… hewhew~…(~_~)

what more can i say?Haha~…we just laugh, and take it easy… then,continued to wallop all the food until we are so full and couldn’t barely stand up! XP…

makan1 Kyaaaah~….look at the happy faces…they looked happy,huh?

well…although my cloth was all wet on that day,frankly I had so much fun that day… Definitely I give 5 out 5 stars for Bangkok!The food is so~ tasty and all of us are very satisfied with the food….(^^,)…

p/s:To all my friends,thank u for cheering up my life…hehe…love u guys!


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