Oh,my day~…


Hmm…today is exactly like my usual days of the week…. I think, almost every Monday to Friday, every week.. I’m doing the same routine over and over again…! Today, I wake up at 6.20 in the morning,after I heard “adzan” from masjid… Then,after i perform Subuh(dawn) prayer I lay myself down on the floor,staring up at the ceiling for a while…

7.30 in the morning, I was ready to go down of my house  and have breakfast…. Most of hanakimithe time I’ll arrive at my office at 8.30 a.m… Today,I arrived at 8.33 a.m… well, nothing much to do for today… actually, I need to prepare a journal and do research about learning technology, because that’s what i do~… but…it happens that,today i don’t fill up with energy and excitement as i always do… i guess it’s because either i was tired or my mind is floating with “ikemen” guys from HanaKimi…Kyaaaahh~…. (@.@)

I like these guys A LOT~…yashaaa~….

nanba Oguri and Hiro are so~ kakkoi!!

It’s really tiring actually if you really got  into becoming a fan of somebody… It’s like day dreaming i can say… well, it’s not that i like them so much to the extend i’m hurting myself…hahaha~…

I still can differ…what’s good and what’s bad… Its all on you! how you want to perceive something that you really like or you don’t like in this life… life is so short to hate someone or to love someone… so,don’t go the way the life takes you..take the life the way you go~….

p/s: I still keep thinking of Sano…Nakatsu…Nanba senpai…yattaaa~….


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