I Love “HanaKimi”~….(^_^)

Friday night,last week…

Hanazakari Kiminotachi e~….I’ve been watching this j-drama(japanese drama) for the last few days…hontouni kakkoii~(truly entertaining)…. (^_^) I know most of people (especially those who crazy of japanese dramas) already watched this soo~ cool drama! well…  although i’m a bit late i can say, i’m soo~ grateful i’ve already watched it….  I’ve finished it that Friday night, almost 1 a.m in the morning…. and i’m so~ into it right now… I can’t help it…!! (^^,)

hanakimi9 the hotties paradise…hontouni kawaii~!

The story is about a girl(ashiya mizuki) who enters the boys’ school (hotties paradise!), to find a guy (sano izumi) that she really adores because he did high jumping… it’s been quite a long time after the tragic incident they had,the guy never do the jumping again… so,she disguised as a boy and enter the school to find that guy and you have to watch it yourself to find out what happen after that… it was actually derived from japanese manga(comic) and they did a wonderful job to come out with this drama as i laugh and cry A LOT~ for this sweet touching drama…. (^_^)… it’s really exciting yet so delightful to watch this kind of drama…. out of 5,i give this drama 4.75 !! hana kimi the leads in hanakimi…i love all of them!! ^^,

For those who like ‘hotties’…watch this drama,it’s really entertaining!! and the guys are so~ adorable~…yattaa~…. (@_@)

p/s: Maki acted so good like a boy & Oguri Shun is just so Kakkoii~(cool)…


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