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Peace be upon you!

Hello world!

Well,that’s the first phrase posted when I created my very first blog (^^,).I guess when I decided to create my blog, this is the chance for me to “meet” the world…so,once again..HELLO WOLRD! Hajimemashite~(in Japanese which means “nice to meet you”) ^_^

Since I was small, I love to read and to write…I read almost everything..novels,magazines,books,newspapers even the label of tomato ketchup also I read!Ha ha~…Then,  I started to write my own journals when I was 12 and all of  it I still keep it until now and to be frank, I never read it! Then, as I growed up to a teenage girl, life is getting more exciting, full of joy,I’ve got a lot of friends to hang out with but at the same time I have to admit that life is actually tougher, more challenging and heartbreaking…I remember I stop to write when I found out there were too many sad things happened in my life and those memories are tearing my heart and one way to avoid those memories back is to stop writing my own journals…

Now,praise to Allah…I’ve started to perceive life in the most optimistical way…I love my life…and I feel so lucky to have been where I have been… I’ll continue what I love most in my life journey,that’s where I decide to write a blog so that I can express myself , share stories and thoughts with different people around the world…I don’t care if my english is bad and sounds funny,as long as knowledge is the priority,there will always improvements in human life…

See ya’!


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